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[MC] Etc. Q&A

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  • Last Updated 19/03/2018

Etc. Q&A

1)What is bluetooth  APT-X HD?

    ⇒ APT-X supports 16bit / 44.1Mhz, but APT-X HD can transmit 24bit high resolution sound source.

        Now you can listen to music with APT-X HD when HBS1100 / HBSA100 headset and LG G5, V10, V20 are connected.

2) What is differences between BT 4.2 BLE and 4.1 BLE?

    The privacy section has been updated. By supporting the Internet of things, it is impossible to trace the location of

        Bluetooth devices without the permission of the user since it complements the vulnerable part of the individual's security.

3) Explanation of Fast Charging (QC3.0) Charging Scenario?

    Charge Recognition Process
      - QC3.0 Charging There is a slight delay in the connection, not the fast charge statement.
      - After recognition, fast charge statement occurs on lock screen.
      - Occurs in the fast charge phrase
noti when operating the top menu bar on the home screen.

    Temperature scenario

      - Charging does not proceed when a high temperature pop-up occurs

         (battery temperature 55 degrees or higher).

      - Pop-ups did not occur, but when the phone feels hot, the charge current is set low and charging time may increase

        (Battery temperature 43~54 degrees, battery voltage 4V or more over the charging process / 4V

         or less under 450mA charging process)
      - Charging current may be reduced to control the heating of the phone during charging.

     Explanation of QC 3.0

      - For QC 3.0, there is little difference in charge rate between the QC 2.0 charger and the battery.

         However, improved charging efficiency means less energy is being used to charge the same battery capacity.

      - In the case of PD charger, it means charging according to USB PD standard.

      - Both PD charger and QC charger are fast charger for fast charging.

4) Explanation of touch method (operation at breakage)?

  ⇒ The touch is operated when the window glass breaks due to the Incell Touch method in which the touch is 

       implemented inside the LCD panel. However, if the LCD panel is damaged, the touch operation will not be


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