Multi Function Oven with Large Usable Space

Multi Function Oven
with Large Usable Space

Now it's time you should compare your
conventional oven with new LG SolarDOM
Lightwave oven.

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Convection Ovens

Bake and roast dishes in half the time. With a convection oven or convection microwave oven from LG, you can create delicious meals quickly – and spend more time with friends and family. Learn More

Discover some of the popular features that make our combi ovens popular additions to stylish kitchens:

Advanced Convection System: LG’s convection ovens and convection microwave ovens use a special heat distribution system that allows them to bake and roast in half the time, when compared to conventional ovens.

Convenient Cooking Menus: With special menus, like Health cook (Health Zone, Health Care), Sensor cook (Convenient cook), Persian cook (Good taste traditional cook) and Sweet cook (Good taste traditional cook), our combi ovens make it possible to cook your favourite dishes in the touch of a button.

Steam Chef Cook: Convection ovens and convection microwave ovens featuring Steam Chef technology allow you to quickly and easily steam foods inside your oven and lock in nutrients.

Oven Interior: With an anti-bacterial interior coating, our combi ovens offer a safe and healthy cooking experience.

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