UltraWide to encourage your creativity

The 21:9 Curved UltraWide to
encourage your creativity

The 34UC87C’s provides an immersive Curved IPS display and the 34-inch UltraWide upscale screen for enjoying, creating and sharing your own contents.

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IPS Monitors

With in-plane switching (IPS) monitors, you can enjoy fantastic viewing angles, deep blacks and vivid colours. Available in a range of sizes, LG makes it easy to find an IPS monitor that suits your space. Learn More

Experience online, video and gaming content in a whole new way with an LG IPS monitor. Features and benefits of our IPS monitors include:

LED Backlighting: By using LED backlight technology, our IPS monitors consume less power compared to normal LCD (CCFL) monitors – saving you money and producing deep, rich colours.

Wide Viewing Angle: Enjoy life-like picture quality without colour distortion – and see clear colours and images while standing, sitting, or lying down.

Smooth Colour Change: LG IPS monitors provide clear images with smooth colour changes, making it easy to enjoy content, including action movies, RPG games and the web without added eye strain.

HD Resolution: Enjoy brilliant picture quality, outstanding colour accuracy, contrast and sharpness in full HD 1080p.

Built-in HDMI Receivers: LG’s IPS monitors come with built-in HDMI receivers, which allow these units to receive and play high-resolution content without distortion or compression.

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