What is 3D Software for LG CINEMA 3D Monitor?
3D Content Viewer
LG CINEMA 3D Monitor provides 3D software, Tridef 3D, which is included at the time of purchase.
Now, 3D software enables the viewing of movies, photos, and games in 3D.
2D to 3D Conversion
3D software, Tridef 3D, allows any 2D images to convert into a 3D contents. Now you can enjoy various 2D contents like films, pictures and even games in 3D views.
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How to Enjoy LG 3D Software
Getting Started
To view 3D on your monitor, sit
approximately 50cm to 90cm away from the display and put on your 3D glasses. To obtain the optimal 3D image, tilt the monitor adequately. The first time you run the software a test image will be shown to help you find this angle.
Getting Started image
LG 3D Software Portal

The software portal access to all the features of Software (TriDef 3D) from one central location.
Run TriDef 3D Portal by clicking "TriDef 3D" on the Desktop, or from: Start → All Programs → TriDef 3D → TriDef 3D Portal.
To use Tridef Portal, simply click the icon representing your desired action. You can exit TriDef 3D Portal at any time by clicking the close button X. The actions available on the TriDef 3D Portal main menu are: Watch 3D Videos, Watch a DVD in 3D, View 3D Photos, Play 3D Games.

TriDef 3D Portal image
To get more information about Tridef 3D, please visit
For the most up to date list of verified games, see