Why Dual Package shows menu Disabled?
The common reasons are as follows:
- You may be using a Non-LG Monitor.
- You may have launched Dual Package on the Laptop monitor
- The DSUB/DVI cable connecting the Monitor to the PC may not be connected properly.
- Ensure that the cable is fixed properly
- You may not be using the updated driver.
- Please download and install the latest video driver provided by your video card vendor.
- You may have plugged in a new monitor.
- Ensure to restart the PC after connecting new monitor
- Install monitor driver and restart the PC.
- You may be using a LG monitor which doesn't support this feature.
Why Dual Package Initially shows grey Icon and then changes its color?
The grey Icon initially indicates the initialization of Dual Package.
Initialization involves checking the monitor capabilities etc.
Once initialized and if the connected monitor is an LG Monitor then icon color will change.
Which Windows operating systems are supported by Dual Package?
The following Windows OS are supported:
Windows XP       (32bit & 64bit)
Windows Vista    (32bit & 64bit)
windows 7         (32bit & 64bit)
Ensure that you have installed all the latest service packs.
Which languages are supported by Dual Package?
The following international languages are currently supported: - Chinese simplified
- Chinese traditional
- Dutch
- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Russian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
What are the video cards supported by Dual Package?
Many of the popular video cards are supported by Dual Package. However, if you are using a very old video card or very new video card, Dual Package may not work satisfactorily. Note that Dual Package is continuously enhanced to support the latest video cards. Be sure to upgrade your Dual Package when a new version becomes available.
Why should we disable UAC in Vista or Windows 7 to install Dual Package?
Dual Package will not work properly if vista UAC is enabled, The security features in vista makes certain application to run in low privilege mode because of which they are not able to communicate to higher privilege application like Dual Package.
What are the monitor and PC combinations in which Dual Package can work effectively?
1. Dual Package works effectively in single PC connected with 2 Monitors or a
2. Laptop/Notebook connected to an external monitor.
    Note : Dual Package may not work properly if 2 PCs installed with Dual Package, are connected to a single monitor
    (DVI source/DSUB source),
    as both the Dual package programs try to control the monitor differently.
    Dual Package may not work properly if there are more than 1 graphics card active in the system.
    Dual package may not work properly if the any of the monitor is connected through HDMI.
Does Dual Package can be used with forteManager or at the same time?
Dual Package cannot be used with ForteManager series 2.xx or ForteManager series 3.xx as there can be issues handling the DDC/CI monitor Bus.
Why there is no clone mode feature in Dual package in XP?
XP O/S doesn't support clone-mode even though some graphics card supports. Hence Dual Package cannot support the Clone mode in XP.
Why does error message show after removing Dual Package from PC?
Error message can happen in case of improper installation or uninstallation of Dual Package or other application. make sure a clear uninstallation and restart and then installation restart or vice-versa.
The Monitor position in Window 7 display properties and Monitor position shown in Dual Package are different.
Window7 RC build has this issue, it doesn't remember the relative monitor position and it changes the ID randomly. Because of this you can find a mismatch.
Dual web feature is designed for internet browsing and office work.
Dual web mainly helps user to handle multiple internet browser windows or Microsoft office applications windows effectively by tiling them vertically. It may not work well with other applications like games or video players as these applications might have designed with different considerations.
Why extended taskbar has only one color skin.
Dual Package extended taskbar supports only default skins, Default skins are different with different windows O/S like XP, Vista and Win 7. Windows built in default skin may not exactly match extended taskbar skin.
Why Window area behind the extended taskbar is not visible.
Dual Package extended taskbar sits on top of all windows but it will not resize the window so that the window can effectively fit the monitor size. If it is required to see the full window, extended task bar can be switched off for that moment using Dual Package taskbar menu option.