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What’s better than having the #1 rated Refrigerator? Having two of them.


What’s better than having the #1
rated Refrigerator? Having two of them.

Recently, a leading consumer magazine named two LG French Door Refrigerators #1 in their class*. It's no wonder. Packed with innovative features like Door-in-Door, SpacePlus™ and the tallest ice & water dispenser available, LG refrigerators are second only to each other. While we would have been pleased with one #1 rating, now we’re doubly proud.
*By a leading consumer magazine as of May 2015SEE THE LMXS30746SSEE THE LFXS32766S

For Those Quick Trips to the Fridge - LG LFX31945ST French Door Refrigerator

For Those Quick Trips
to the Fridge

Whether it's a refreshing drink, condiments or a
healthy snack, the Door-in-Door™ feature provides
the ideal space for your family's go-to foods such
as canned or bottled drinks, salad dressings
and condiments.

The Transformative Beauty of LG Studio

The Transformative
Beauty of LG Studio

Presenting the kitchen you’ve always
wanted. LG Studio appliances are
the ultimate fusion of artful design
and polished performance.

Take a Closer Look

French Door

Well-designed and useful with a host of innovative features, such as 3-door and 4-door options, and with the freezer always below, your LG French Door Refrigerator might just become the talk of the town.  Learn More

Learn more about LG French Door Refrigerators.

Space: Completely hidden in the door, our French Door Refrigerators come with the ultra-compact SlimSpace Plus™ ice system that cuts bulky clutter and frees up space. At 31-cubic-feet, our French Door Refrigerators are the largest in class on the market, so you can hold more of your favorite food, snacks and beverages than ever before.

Freshness: Discover a French Door Refrigerator that works hard so you don’t have too. With the Smart Cooling Plus technology maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels, and the Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporator reacting to keep humidity at bay, your French Door Refrigerator is an energy efficient way to keep foods fresher for longer. This can save you money on both your grocery and electric bills.

Access: Whether you store beverages on the left, left-overs on the right or snacks in the drawer, LG French Door Refrigerators come loaded with a host of innovative features designed to make storing and finding your food easier than ever. From adjustable racks to the 4-compartment crisper system with easy-glide pullout drawers, you can create the ideal organizational system that works best for you and your family.

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