Placing and Ending Calls
You can place calls using the Phone application. Calls can be manually dialed using the Phone tab. You can also dial from your phone's memory using the Call log tab, the Contacts tab, or the Groups tab.


To open the Phone application


From the Home screen, touch the Phone Key in the Quick Keys bar.
To place a call by dialing


Open the Phone application.



Touch the keys on the dialpad to manually enter a phone number.
If you enter a wrong number, touch the Delete Key to erase digits one by one.
To erase the entire number, touch and hold the Delete Key .
To dial an international number, touch and hold the key to enter the plus ( + ) symbol. Then, enter the international prefix for the country; followed by the full phone number.
Touch the Call Key to dial the number that you entered.
You can use other phone features while the call is underway. If you open another application, the Call icon appears in the Status Bar for the duration of the call.
Press the Volume Keys to adjust the call volume.
Use the on-screen buttons to enter additional numbers, place the call on hold and take an incoming call, add another call, use the speakerphone, end the call, and other options.


If you opened other applications while on a call, you'll need to return to the Call screen to end the call. You can press the Home Key , then touch the Phone Key or drag the Notifications panel down and touch the Call icon .

Airplane mode
Some locations may require you to turn off your phone's wireless connections by placing your phone in Airplane mode.

Press and hold the Power/Lock Key
Touch Airplane mode.
The Wireless & networks setting also has a checkbox to enable or disable Airplane mode .