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LG at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show


At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, LG OLED TVs* were awarded top honors by some of the industry's most respected experts.

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LG Plasma TVs


How do we make HD look even better on LG Plasma TVs? Our 600Hz Sub Field Driving supports the critical refresh rate by sending precise electric pulses to the pixels inside the screen, helping to keep each frame of video brighter and clearer.

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TV Watching, Accessorized!

When it’s time for genuine LG accessories to enhance your viewing pleasure, it’s time to turn to the source for everything from Magic Remotes with Voice to Skype video call cameras and 3D glasses. Shop with confidence directly from and count on complimentary, free ground shipping, too.


Plasma TV

Explore the world of LG Plasma TVs with Pentouch touchscreen technology and discover a way to access and work on PC files, surf the web and more on your LG plasma TV. To compare all Plasma TVs, view this easy to understand LG TV comparison chart: Compare now

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Learn more about LG Plasma TVs:

Pentouch TV: Take TV interaction to a whole new level with Pentouch touchscreen technology on LG plasma TVs, which allows users to access and work on files from their PC, edit photos, keep calendars, access the internet and more.

Full HD 1080p Resolution: With almost double the pixel resolution, full HD 1080p resolution on plasma TVs delivers superior picture quality over standard HDTV, so you can see details and colors with greater clarity than ever before.

Picture Wizard: Enjoy easy self-calibration on LG plasma TVs with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels.

Intelligent Sensor: Automatically optimize the picture on your plasma TV to the lighting and color conditions in the room.

Smart Energy Saving: LG strives to produce products, like the select plasma TVs, which run more efficiently in an effort to save the consumer money and reduce the impact on the environment.

TruSlim Frame: At less than 1-inch wide, the new TruSlim frame on plasma TVs trims away the distraction of large, wide frames.

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