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Find the Best TVs for Gaming

Are you looking to take your games to the next level? We can help, with this short list of factors to consider when shopping for that the best gaming TV for your console – and your space. ideal console-ready TV.


Chances are the screen you're gaming on now could be bigger. Imagine going head-to-head with family or friends with a clear view of all the action. With screen sizes up to 65 inches (measured diagonally), LG offers TVs that allow everyone to see every detail, larger and more engaging than ever.

viewing distance

We won't debate that bigger is better, just be sure to consider your available space and an appropriate viewing distance before you decide. As a general rule, the best size TV for gaming is one that allows you to sit a comfortable distance from the screen. The industry standard is about double the screen size, which means that if you have a 50-inch screen , you'd sit 100 inches away.


picture quality

LG Gaming TVs combine many of our most advanced technologies to bring you a better picture than ever. From Full HD 1080p resolution to TruMotion 240Hz blur reduction and bright, color-friendly LED backlighting with superior contrast, expect a spectacular image for your games and beyond.



Like Blu-ray players, all of the major gaming consoles offer HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connectivity for the purest video and audio available. LG Gaming TVs make the most of this data signal, bringing you a no-compromise picture at up to 1080p resolution.


Give your gaming TV an extra audio kick. For sports, racing fragging and beyond, LG Soundbars offer fuller, more powerful sound with the convenience of a wireless subwoofer and handly Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker bar can also be wall-mounted if desired.
55" Class Cinema 3D 1080P 240Hz LED TV with Smart TV (54.6" diagonally)
55" Class Cinema 3D 1080P 240Hz LED TV with Smart TV (54.6" diagonally)
50" Class Cinema 3D 1080P 120Hz LED TV with Smart TV (49.5" diagonally)
60" Class Cinema 3D 1080P 120Hz LED TV with Smart TV (60" diagonally)

Immerse yourself in your favorite game. LG’s best TVs for gaming feature many of our most advanced technologies, including full HD 1080p resolution, TruMotion 240Hz blur reduction and innovative LED backlighting that offers stunning contrast and lifelike images. But the technology in our best gaming TVs isn’t only good for gaming – it also makes watching sports, movies and TV shows even better. In fact, it’s like having a theater-quality screen right in your living room or game room. Browse our best TVs for video games, as well as our complete collection of home theater systems and get the ultimate in entertainment at home.

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