Press Release


LG’s Latest Washing Machines Prioritize Time And Energy Savings


LG Electronics, leading innovator of Home Appliances, is proud to offer GCC consumers the TurboWash, a new revolutionary and sophisticated technology that will guarantee an outstanding laundry experience!


“With the hectic pace of modern life, LG’s new revolutionary TurboWash™  technology focuses on cutting back spin times without compromising quality,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President LG Electronics, Gulf FZE.  “With an emphasis on convenience, LG works to provide the most thorough yet delicate washing performance that caters to homes in the region and provides a more pleasant and efficient experience.”


The LG TurboWash is a result of infinite research and cutting edge innovation including its smart design, energy and time saving capabilities, 6 motion direct drive technology, and the TrueSteam technology.  

Energy and Time Saver

The new technology promises quicker washing times and better washing results. TurboWash™ highlights its laundry innovation as it is now able to finish a typical 95 minute cotton wash cycle within 59 minutes while maintaining the same level of quality. This cycle offers the added benefit of reducing energy consumption by up to 15 percent and water consumption by up to 40 percent.  It provides the dual convenience of lowering utility bills with faster washing times.


6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive applies different drum movements to create a combination of six different washing motion programs to deliver customized washing for all types of clothes. As effective as washing by hand, 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology helps to provide an optimal washing environment, reducing wrinkles and damages in clothes and ensuring high fabric care. Moreover, thanks to the advanced Inverter Direct Drive motor, LG’s eco-smart technology with swifter and superb washing results makes LG’s latest eco-friendly range of washing machines the perfect solution for households looking for optimal energy and time savings.   

The new Inverter Direct Drive motor makes the washers less prone to vibrations, allowing them to operate as quietly as possible. The motor also comes with a 10-year warranty, highlighting LG’s dedication in providing the finest machinery.


TrueSteam™ Technology

LG’s latest front-load washing machine incorporates TrueSteam™ technology with the following features: Steam Softener, Steam Refresh and Allergy Care. The Steam Softener function maintains the original quality of fabrics and eliminates the need for chemical-based fabric softeners. Steam Refresh employs steam instead of water for a truly deep clean, reducing wrinkles and odours from delicate clothes in just 20 minutes. TrueSteam™ removes allergens, mites and residual detergent, all which have been linked to respiratory and skin ailments.


Smart Design

With a focus on superior design and consumer friendly features, LG’s new frontload machines are sleek, aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive for homeowners. Along with models with LED Display the line-up will also offer models with a Full Touch Control Panel with smart interactive capabilities.  


Key Specifications:

Front-Load Washing Machine with TurboWash™

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor (10-Year Warranty)
  • TrueSteam™ allows for:

o   Steam Softener

o   Steam Refresh

o   Allergy Care

  • Speed 14” Quick Cycle
  • LED Display