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It’s All Possible – Chris & Dave's Epic Adventure

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Are you dreaming of a life filled with unexpected adventure and crazy thrills?

If you are, come join Chris Mintz-Plasse& Dave Franco on their epic adventure.


Watch as Chris and Dave marry a real couple in Las Vegas,

fall out of a plane and even break a world record! Chris and Dave makes it all possible.

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Best friends both on screen and in real life, Dave Franco (Now You See Me) and Chris Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Kick-Ass) have come together to prove once and for all that "It's All Possible". Teaming up with LG and the crazy warped minds at Funny or Die, the duo will embark on an epic 7 days, coast to coast, cross country journey across the United States.


Like every epic journey, this one has a beginning, albeit a very humble beginning.


Our story opens with the best friends chillaxin' in their den. As Chris is fully engrossed in his nipple hair removal (perhaps in preparation for greater things to come), Dave experiences an epiphany while blowing spit bubbles. It hits them; to do the things they've always wanted to do, to find meaning to the daily grind of life!

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Obviously, Chris and Dave's bucket list starts out modestly.


They start by blowing up highlighters in a microwave. Then they make strangers speak to each other by "69ing" their G2 phones. Things heat up as Dave loses to Chris in an epic game of Marco Polo in their bath tub. We also get to see a rare underwater fart take place.


The pair's hijinks' lead to the decision to take their desires to do everything they've always wanted to do on the road. This can only mean one thing... an Epic Cross-Country Road Trip.

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Presenting, Chris and Dave's Epic 7 Day, Coast to Coast, Cross-Country It's All Possible Road Trip Adventure (a mouthfull and a half)!


The journey begins in Los Angeles with an epic helicopter entrance and will culminate in a huge It's All Possible party in the Big Apple, New York City with fans. Along the way, Chris and Dave will use their LG G2’s to document everything that does and doesn't happen, 24/7. Find all their outrageous (and courageous!) pics and flicks on their Instagram feed @ItsPossibleLG (


None of it planned, all of it real, the road trip will see the pair attempt to fall out of planes, break world records and fans can expect a dash of unexpected drama and feel-good moments to fulfull all your emotional needs.


What can you expect? Here's a quick taste of things to come!

7 Long Days of Chris & Dave’s Epic Adventure

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Episode 1

Travelling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Chris and Dave find themselves alongside an Elvis impersonating pastor marrying a real couple in love, showing that Vegas is not always the city of sin, but sometimes can be the city of love.


Think "My Best Friend's Wedding" with tines of the "The Hangover".

Episode 2

Not satisfied with officiating a wedding, Chris and Dave decide to fall out of a plane over the Grand Canyon.. that is, they decide to go skydiving.


Completely afraid of heights, the pair reach out to their fans for words of encouragement, but still find themselves scared witless.


Never have we seen two grown men look so genuinely scared.

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure
It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Episode 3

Thought South Park was just a cartoon? Wrong! Chris and Dave visit the real South Park in Colorado!


They cross mountains and valleys on majestic horses and rock ATVs as well. Things were looking good until... unexpected event brings everything to a hault, leading to an unforgettable experience for everyone that will make our heros reexamine their priorties in life.

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Episode 4

Fresh from their experiences in Colorado, Chris and Dave land in Chicago with a mission – to break a world record!


With the help of Perry, their private investigator, pulled straight out of an episode of Miami Vice, the pair attempt to write themselves into the history books.


Will they succeed? Who knows... there's a day or everything!

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

Episode 5

Continuing on from their Chicago world record attempt, Chris and Dave invite themselves (not really, Ithaca invited them!) to Ithaca's School of Film to present a lecture to students about their experiences as young professionals in the film industry. Discussions were varied and educating, from film production to picking up girls, our heros definitely left a lasting impression on the students. 


It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure
It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

After their brush with higher education, our heros finally land in the Big Apple to prepare for their massive It's All Possible party.

The guys meet with fans on the streets of manhattan, challenging them with crazy missions for a chance to join for the party of the year!

You ain't seen nothin' yet, unless you've witnessed the guys riverdancin' in the middle of new york city traffic. 

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

The massive wrap-up party; fans, celebrities and industry players alike, came together to celebrate the last stop of Chris and Dave’s epic road trip. Hosted by Sean Patton, with performances from comedians Jerrod Charmichael, Jeneane Garofalo and Chris’s band, The Young Rapscallions. 


The “LG G2 Experience Zone,” provided guests with a chance to experience the features and functions of the LG G2 up close and personal. Party guests were given a G2 and asked to participate in real-time social activities via Instagram, which were broadcast live on displays throughout the venue.

It’s All Possible Highlight Reel

You really couldn’t have thought we had shown all the wild, crazy and sometimes heartfelt antics that Chris and Dave had gotten up to during their 7 day road trip in just 5 episodes, could you?


We take a look back the unforgettable week, capturing the crazier moments for your enjoyment. Can anyone say montage?


Chris and Dave's crazy week, filled with laughs, tears and moments of life affecting clarity, was made possible with their LG G2 phones. 


From capturing photos and videosfrom the journey, to allowing the two to stay in touch with their fans along the way, the LG G2 provided the guys with the tools they needed to show that indeed, It's All Possible.

The True Hero of this Epic Adventure - LG G2

This epic adventure would not have been possible without the helpful aid of the LG G2. The LG G2 is the first U.S. smartphone to boast the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which allows for mind-blowing performance and ultra-responsive speed. Add to that a layer of aesthetic beauty and design to create what can quite possibly be considered the ultimate smartphone.

It`s all possible – Chris & Dave`s Epic Adventure

1) Dave & @MintzPlasse dancing filmed with the LG G2's tracking zoom. 

2) Using the audio zoom on the LG G2 to listen in on@brimcgi editing the Vegas episode. 

3) Pizza investigator Perry using his LG G2 to spy on@MintzPlasse & Dave while they cook.


To watch all their crazy shenanigans and for more information on upcoming episodes, check out the It's All Possible page at Funny or Die or on Youtube.