After washing your clothes, a clothing dryer is there to dry them within a few hours. Removing moisture with heated air, your clothes come out of the dryer ready to be worn. With new technology, new features are added, and a boost in performance with low energy usage for dryers has made a better impact on the environment. However, choosing one is overwhelming because there are so many things to take into consideration. That's why we created a guide to help you choose the best clothes dryer.

The Type of Dryers

The best clothes dryer for you depends on the type of dryer you're looking for, so take a look:

Vented Clothes Dryer

The most popular clothes dryer, it's for a reasonable price but it's expensive to run. That's why a vented clothes dryer is recommended if you occasionally use the dryer because the running costs will be low. It has short cycles so it won't take you a long time to dry your clothes and it can be wall-mounted, saving you plenty of space in your laundry room.

This type of dryer requires it to be placed in a laundry room with good ventilation, as it releases the hot, humid air into the room. Sadly, you need to keep an eye on it so it doesn't over-dry your laundry and damage your clothes.

Condenser Clothes Dryer

Using a heat exchanger, condenser clothes dryers, condenses moisture from the exhaust air, collect it in a reservoir or drain it. This type of dryer requires emptying the tank regularly or plumbing the machine into a drain.

Compared to vented dryers, condenser dryers are quieter with larger capacity and longer cycles. Yet, they're more complex and heavier, so they won't be saving you space and they're as expensive to run.

Heat Pump Condenser Clothes Dryer

Another type of dryer is the heat pump condenser clothes dryer. Compared to the two types mentioned above, these dryers are expensive but operate at a much lower cost, because it captures then reuses heat energy.

Heat pump dryers have a large capacity and plenty of programs so it's a good option for families. It doesn't need a ventilated room, but it won't save you space because it's heavy. The downside of this type of dryer is the long cycles due to the low temperature used, it has a complex design, and you must keep an eye on the condenser tank.

Gas Clothes Dryer

Using natural gas instead of electricity as a heat source, a gas clothes dryer is similar to conventional dryers. While you'll be paying a higher price for a gas clothes dryer, you'll be saving money over the long run. Additionally, it's energy-efficient compared to other dryers so technically you'll be helping save the environment.

Still, it's hard to find one and pieces for it because they're rare. If you do, you'll need a gas connection.

The Features to Look for When Buying a Dryer

The most important thing to look at after the type of dryer you want is the features. The type of dryer might be the same, but the features differ, hence keep an eye for:

The Capacity

How many kilograms of laundry is going to be placed in the dryer? Is it 8kg or 9kg? Well, the best way to choose the capacity is to make sure it's the same as your washing machine. You can choose a vented dryer if you want a small one.


No one wants water to drip and end u-p with mould on their ceiling. Hence, a venting would help remove the moist air from the dryer efficiently

You can place it next to an open window or in a room with an exhaust fan. If that's not the case, then a dryer with a venting kit is what you should look for. Make sure to ask for help before deciding to make sure it's suitable for you.

Easy to Access Filters

To maintain your dryer, you need to constantly clean the filters after every batch. The best clothes dryers come with a filter at the front so it's easy to access for you to clean. As a result, your dryer will last longer and operate more efficiently.

Drying Rack

Some dryers come with a rack to place items you don't want to tumble. It's a good extra to have if you're looking to place delicate items into the dryer, it helps hold them still and decrease the noise.

Wall-mountable dryers

As mentioned above, if you bought a vented clothes dryer, you can save space by placing it on top of a front-load washing machine. Hence, if you're looking to save space this type of washing machine is what you need, but make sure it includes a stacking kit.

Reverse Tumbling

To minimize tangling, the drum could reverse the direction of tumbling for the dryer to work more efficiently.


Some dryers come with an auto-start feature, which means they'll automatically start after closing the door. This is an excellent feature if you live alone and wouldn't want to set the program with each wash. However, it's a bit risky if you have little ones running around the house.

Child Lock

If you have children, a child lock feature is a good place to begin when looking for a dryer. This feature will prevent any accidents from taking place and stop your children from pressing unnecessary buttons on the dryer.

Auto Program

That's a feature that could save you a lot of trouble. Having an auto program will automatically detect when the clothes are dry. Of course, it's not always accurate if the size of the load is too big, but it does help save energy and prevent your clothes from being damaged.

Delicate Program

A program for delicate fabrics that can be placed in the dryer. Use a gentle cycle with low temperature to dry the clothes.

Delay Time Function

You might not want to start the dryer right away for some reason. Some dryers have the delay time function that allows you to set the dryer to start at a specific time. However, it's not recommended to leave the clothes wet for a long period of time.

Extra Dry Program

Your clothes can be a bit damp after drying them, but with an extra dry program, you can always make sure to remove all the moisture. While this is a good option to have, it's not recommended for daily usage as it might damage delicate fabrics by over-drying. So you might want that program in case it's needed at any point, but not at all times.

Woollens Program

Do you wear wool often? Then a woollen program is needed to dry your clothes with low heat. Don't get too excited because you can't place all wool clothes in the dryer because they might be damaged.

Noise Dampening

There's no need to suffer from the noise of the dryer, instead, make sure to buy a dryer with a noise-reduction feature to save you from a headache.

Wi-Fi Enabled

The future of dryers is here and now you can control your dryers through an app on your personal device. It's usually recommended for you to be at home when using the dryer, but with this feature, you can control it even while you're in a different room.

Drum Light

To help you find all the missing clothing items in the dryer.

Factors that Might Affect Your Decision

Now you know the features to look for when choosing a dryer. There are other factors to keep in mind from your side before making a purchase, these include:

●Your budget

●The space you have available for the dryer

●The colour should suit your interior

All these factors play a role in deciding which one you should choose.

Taking Care of Your Dryer

You're looking to purchase the best clothes dryer, but if you won't look after it then it would result in serious consequences.

After Every Use:

Here's what to do for your clothes dryer to last:

● If you have a condenser and heat pump model, then make sure to empty the water tank after every laundry bunch.

● Make sure to clean the lint filter to keep your dryer working properly and prevent any accidents from taking place.

● Take care of your dryer by keeping the door open after using it, it would keep the seal longer.

Monthly: Clean the washing machine with a damp clothes

Annually: Clean the lint

Understand what you're looking for before choosing a dryer, the best clothes dryer will meet all the requirements you’ve set. Choose your type, the features you’re looking for, and take good care of it to make sure it lasts longer. LG has a collection of dryers that will blow you, among them, you'll find the perfect one for you.

Life's Good!

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