• Ingredients

    SERVINGS: 1~2

    130g frozen puff pastry(defrosted), 100g salmon fillet(chopped), 1/2 onion(chopped), 1 boiled egg(chopped), Salt and pepper to taste, 1 egg yolk
    (Weight Range 0.3kg, Glass tray)

  • Auto Cook

    CIS: Use Popular Menu No.5

    1. Add salmon, onion, boiled egg, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix well.
    2. Roll pastry out to 2 mm thickness on a flat surface and place salmon mixture over half of the pastry. Fold and seal edges.
    3. Brush pastry with beaten egg yolk and place on a parchment paper.
    4. Place food in the oven. Choose the menu, press start to cook.
    5. When BEEP, turn food over immediately. And then press start to continue cooking.

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