LG V30+
Cloud Silver
  • 6.0" QHD+ OLED FullVision display
  • Memory (RAM / ROM) 4GB / 128GB
  • Wide angle cameras
  • Point zoom


Cine Video Mode

Be Your Own Director

Capture the professional film look. Cine Video Mode gives you more vivid colors and greater dynamic range, just like real film. Meanwhile, the LG-Cine LOG profile creates dramatic film styles for truly cinematic storytelling.
Be Your Own Director<br>1 Be Your Own Director<br>2
  • Cine Effect

    Choose from 15 different Cine Effects to enrich your storytelling with dramatic and professional color sets that make your stories even more engaging. Each featured effect was designed in collaboration with expert film colorists.
    Cine Effect1
Hi-Fi Quad DAC

Let Every Detail Move You

It's like having your own private concert. The LG V30+'s Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback lets you enjoy music that sounds as rich, full, and layered as a live performance. Enjoy startling clarity with lossless file formats that ensure you never miss a beat.
Let Every Detail Move You1 Let Every Detail Move You2
  • Hi-Fi Streaming

    Get studio quality playback without needing a studio to make it. The LG V30+'s built-in Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology is the new pioneer in mobile audio. Soak in the incredible fidelity of master quality audio, with all the convenience of an on-the-go streaming library.
    *MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download.
    **MQA service availability may be limited by country.
    Hi-Fi Streaming1
Premium Listening

Tuned to Your Taste

Have your audio tuned the way you want it. Tweaked and adjusted to your tastes and environment, LG's Sound Presets and Digital Filters add professional reference sounds so you can enjoy richer, fuller music at home or on the go.
Tuned to Your Taste1 Tuned to Your Taste2
  • Sound Preset

    Sound Presets are professionally configured to enhance your music, just the way you like it. Select perfect presets from Enhanced, Detailed, Live, and Bass to experience music on another level.
    Sound Preset1
  • Digital Filter

    Digital Filters transmit sound characteristics that amplify your audio to convey spatial, natural, and cleaner sound to your ears, making your music sound larger, better, and more multi-dimensional.
    Digital Filter2
Voice / Face Recognition

Always Knows It's You

The LG V30+'s improved facial recognition technology helps you unlock your phone quicker and easier, without swiping or inputting numbers. Meanwhile, its enhanced voice recognition technology can recognize and be set to respond only to your voice, making Google Assistant more accurate, secure, and seamless every time.
Always Knows It's You<br>1 Always Knows It's You<br>2
  • Voice Recognition

    The LG V30+ not only recognizes your voice, it will listen for your 3-5 syllable self-generated keywords before unlocking automatically. Supported by Qualcomm Aqstic voice UI technology, the feature is always on and ready to respond, yet requires very little battery power.
    Voice Recognition<br>1
  • Face Recognition

    Even when the display is not on, the LG V30+ is quick to recognize a familiar face. No need to even touch the power button, just face the camera and your phone will unlock for you.
    Face Recognition<br>2
Google Assistant

Meet Your Google Assistant

Your Google Assistant helps make everyday life easier. Set reminders, get directions, find your photos, and manage travel. Just touch and hold the Home button on your phone to get started.
Meet Your Google Assistant<br>1 Meet Your Google Assistant<br>2
  • An Easier Way to Get Things Done

    The Google Assistant works seamlessly with the LG V30+ so that wherever you go, your Assistant is ready to help.
    An Easier Way to Get Things Done<br>1
  • Your Assistant Works Perfectly with the LG V30+

    The Google Assistant also supports exclusive features of LG V30+, such as Wide Angle Camera, Manual Mode, and Cine Video Mode.
    Your Assistant Works Perfectly with the LG V30+<br>2
  • Screen Size / Display
    6.0' P-OLED QHD+ Display
    Operating system
    Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)
  • Resolution
    2880 x 1440 QHD
    Dimensions (mm)
    151.7 x 75.4 x 7.39
  • Weight (grams)
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Processor
    2.45GHz Octa-core
    4GB RAM
  • Int / Ext Memory
    128GB / up to 2 TB
    16MP + 13MP F1.6 Crystal clear lens
  • Front Camera
    4G LTE Category 11
  • Battery
    3300 MAH (Built-in)
    Dual SIM (Nano) (optional with SD)

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