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The Fourth Generation VRF System Tailored For The Middle East Climate

  • Updated
  • 11-07-2013

These days, saving energy has become a top priority for countries all over the world. Individuals, corporations and governments are all stepping up their efforts to see energy consumption drop to more sustainable levels.


The Middle East is no exception. According to the European Business Chamber of Commerce, EuroCham, the region’s steadily growing economy is set to cause power consumption levels to double between 2010 and 2020. Along with this dramatic surge in the demand for energy, related investment and spending are also predicted to accelerate.

As such, all member countries of the Association of GCC have begun sharing information and working on increasing energy efficiency through a number of cooperative initiatives. The association aspires to significantly cut energy usage across the entire region over the course of the coming years.

As a result of multilateral government action in Middle East and a greater level of consumer awareness, highly efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions are now in hot demand. In order to satisfy consumers and comply with new energy regulations, manufacturers are busily developing the next generation of efficient, high performance HVAC solutions.

Consuming less electricity and offering better reliability than other VRF products – including chillers – the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) solution is widely acknowledged as the energy efficient choice for large-scale facilities. With a range of innovative smart technologies and features, and the ability to provide exceptional heating and cooling, VRF systems are becoming more and more popular around the globe.

In the Middle East, however, heating functionality is not considered essential due to the region’s hot and humid climate. Responding directly to local environmental conditions and consumer need, LG Electronics (LG) has developed a cooling-only VRF solution that delivers maximum comfort with incredible energy efficiency. 

LG Multi V IV Tropical: The Best Ever VRF Solution, Designed Specifically for the Middle East Climate

LG pays close attention to the needs of every market in which it operates. The company conducts extensive research in order to tailor its industry leading solutions to the specific requirements of real customers and real climatic conditions. Geared to meet the needs of the Middle East consumers, the new Multi V IV Tropical is the very embodiment of LG’s consumer-centric, region-specific ethos.

With the elimination of heating functionality, this superior cooling-only VRF air conditioner is the perfect solution for the Middle East’s year-round hot weather conditions. Additionally, the system delivers top-notch energy efficiency via a number of proprietary, performance-boosting systems.

The Multi V IV Tropical’s stellar 4.78 coefficient of performance (COP) is a result of LG’s commitment to developing and implementing highly efficient air conditioning technologies. For example, the High Pressure Oil Return (HiPORTM) system returns oil directly into the compressor, effectively eliminating a major cause of ‘hidden energy loss’ and improving part load efficiency across the Multi V IV Tropical’s 15Hz to 150Hz operational range. Thanks to LG’s fourth generation inverter compressor – the high-side shell (HSS) scroll inverter – and a BLDC-type motor coil, this advanced cooling-only VRF solution also achieves superior efficiency in part load conditions.

Meanwhile, the Cooling Optimized Heat Exchanger Circuit’s longer flow path, designed specifically to enhance cooling functionality, boosts integrated part load efficiency by 30 percent. The Multi V IV Tropical employs six bypass valves, instead of the typical four valve arrangement, resulting in incredibly precise refrigerant control as well as more economical performance in part load.

In addition to stellar operational efficiency, LG’s new VRF solution boasts outstanding performance capabilities. Thanks in large part to the company’s advanced inverter compressor and unique heat exchanger design, the cooling-only Multi V IV Tropical works reliably in temperatures up to 54 degrees Celsius.

By taking full advantage of the Multi V IV Tropical’ s power-saving features, consumers can play their part in addressing the Middle East’s energy problems while also enjoying a reduction in operational costs.

Going Beyond Your Standard

For eight of the last 10 years, LG has been the world’s top selling producer of residential temperature control solutions. Leveraging its success and technological leadership in this sector, LG has also become a central player in the global CAC market.

At the core of the Multi V IV Tropical is the superior combination of advanced inverter and compressor technology. LG’s world-leading system is the result of 10 years’ worth of industry experience and tireless work. The state-of-the-art solution incorporates the latest system management technology, enabling it to intelligently adjust output and other operational settings in response to environmental conditions.

The first VRF system to incorporate LG’s complete collection of groundbreaking air conditioning technologies, the Multi V IV Tropical provides optimal energy efficiency and a host of other benefits that truly go beyond the standard.