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What should I do if I don’t see a speaker on the list of a smart device or it won’t be connected?

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  • Last Updated 22/08/2015

What should I do if I dont see a speaker on the list of a smart device or it wont be connected?


symptom Symptom

- Speaker connection failure

- Applicable models: NP8340, NP8540, NP8740, NP8350, LAS650M, LAS750M, LAS950M7

checkpoint Checkpoint

Check if a speaker and smart device are connected with the same router.


how to fix How to fix

For speakers already connected

Check if a smart device is connected to the same router the speaker is connected to. If it is:

1. Disconnect the power plug then connect it again, and check the connection.

2. If the speaker is still not connected, check:

  1) If LED is not blinking but stays in white color

     When a smart device with the application is at a place with a weak signal, move the device closer to a router and try again.

   - If all speakers are connected wirelessly

     The problem might occur when the distance is not close enough between the speakers and router. Move the speaker close to the router and try again.

   - If a speaker is connected with a cable and other speakers are installed additionally

     When a speaker is not close enough to a speaker connected with a cable, install an additional bridge(R1) or another speaker between the cable connected speaker and the speaker with a sound problem, and try again.

  2) If LED blinks in white

     The network connection is disconnected. Install the speaker again according to the installation manual.

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