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There is a strange smell coming from my LG washing machine, how can I get rid of it?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


If your front load washer has an odor or buildup, this can normally be resolved by performing some of the following troubleshooting and maintenance:

Detergent Usage

If you are using too much detergent, or non-HE detergent is being used, the machine will not wash properly. Excessive suds decrease the tumbling action, and cause your clothing not to rinse well. Furthermore, residue can buildup in the washer causing an odor.

Use only High Efficiency products in your washer.

When using your detergent, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage amounts. However if excess suds are present, the detergent amount used should be reduced by half.

Performing Regular Maintenance

All front load washers require regular maintenance to maintain optimum performance. If this maintenance is not performed, residue can accumulate in the drum which can also result in an odor from your machine.

Clean your unit with either bleach or vinegar. If using bleach, pour the bleach into the bleach compartment. If using vinegar, pour the vinegar directly into the drum. After adding the bleach or vinegar, run the washer empty on a ‘TUB CLEAN’ cycle. DO NOT MIX BLEACH AND VINEGAR.

Note: If your unit does not have the ‘TUB CLEAN’ feature, simply set your unit to the ‘SANITARY’ cycle or the cycle that will supply the hottest water temperature.

After washing a load, it is recommended that you open the door to circulate fresh air into the drum by using the magnetic door plunger. If your unit does not have a magnetic door plunger, it is a good idea to occasionally leave the door open for a few hours at the end of the wash day and also dry the door gasket to allow the unit to dry out completely.

It is necessary to perform regular maintenance on your unit at least once a month. There are small amounts of water left in front load washers at the end of the cycle, which over time will cause an odor inside your unit if maintenance is not performed.

Using Tub Cleaner Products

Occasionally, it may be necessary to use a tub cleaner product on your washer. 3rd party manufacturers have developed products specifically to help deodorize and sanitize the drum of a front load washer. These products can be used to give your washer a thorough deep cleaning.

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