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LG Business Solutions provides HVAC Solutions to all phases of the Galala University and Galala Hospital project


Cairo, Egypt. April 27, 2022. LG Egypt, provides Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions to all 28 buildings and 14 different faculties of the Galala University project, the project was initially established in July 2019, and completed in August 2020. (GU) is established to be the first-ever smart-university on the Egyptian territory, adhering to the Fourth Generation Universities worldwide. I addition to that, LG was chosen as a trusted partner for providing HVAC Solutions for El Galala Hospital that was completed last August 2021.

LG HVAC Solutions are considered one of the key players in the Air Solutions industry in Egypt especially in the VRF and Absorption Chillers. LG Air solutions are among the most versatile and powerful air conditioners, offering cost-effective systems with easy installation, providing a great experience for both indoor and outdoor units.

MULTI V, LG’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system It provides maximum efficiency and provides sustainable energy benefits. Combining the world’s advanced technologies, LG VRF solutions offer cost effectiveness through its Dual Sensing Control feature that senses humidity & temperature while minimizing operational costs and easier installation.

Designed to provide effective cooling for even the largest buildings and facilities, LG's Chiller air conditioning solutions are ideal for industrial facilities such as power plants and factories as well as district cooling.

“With our long expertise in such world-class projects, LG’s Business Solutions successfully met the large-scale construction pace of Galala University making us the partner of choice for all project phases” Stated Billy Kim, General Manager, LG Egypt.

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