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[TV] How to Update Firmware

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  • Τελευταία Ενημέρωση 31/10/2014


How to Update Firmware



Firmware (or software) updates are available for download for a network enabled Smart TV.

The firmware updates TV features as required to improve the viewing experience.


Note : Network connection is required to download the firmware updates.


Software Update


Firmware update notifications will appear on the TV if the Software Update has been set.

Otherwise refer to the following directions to check whether an update is available for the TV.

1. Press the Smart button on the remote controller.
Settings > SUPPORT > Software Update, then press WHEEL or ENTER.




2. The current version appears on the menu.

    To see if a new version is available, select Check Update Version,

    then press WHEEL or ENTER.

    If Automatic update mode is on, a new version is automatically downloaded.

    To prevent the TV searching for updates, set Software Update to Off.



3. Check Update Version returns a message showing either

    a new version is available or no update is found. 

    To download the new software update, select  Update then press WHEEL or ENTER.



4. During download, the status bar will show progress.

    When the software has been successfully downloaded and updated on the TV,

    a message appears.



5. After the message appears indicating that the software has been

    successfully downloaded, turn off the TV and back on

    to install the update.





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