Super Compact Clutch Design

Super Compact Clutch Design

LG Super UltrabookTM Z330, taking Ultrabook to a whole new level! A real solution for the Mobile Age with both performance and portability.

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LG recommends Windows.

All in One PCs

Enjoy an all-in-one experience. With LG’s all-in-one PC, you can unlock the limits of your computer and enjoy 3D content, stunning screen resolutions, rich sounds and powerful computing – all in one machine. Learn More

Just a few of the features and benefits that make our all-in-one computers stand out from the crowd include:

IPS Display: With IPS displays, our all-in-one PCs increase viewing angles to 178 degrees – and increase the colour shift angle by up to 60% – resulting in rich, saturated colours and a better overall picture quality for you – and everyone in the room.

Powerful Content Sharing: Our all-in-one computers allow you to easily share content, including movies, photos and music, between your PC and your smartphone, TV, or with another PC.

Multi-Touch Interface: With the revolutionary multi-touch user interface, our all-in-one PCs improve response times, accuracy and control. Offering an intuitive, natural feel, our all-in-one computers’ interface can improve your gaming, web browsing and entertainment experiences.

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    Key Features

    • New Dimension of Touch With 3-Camera Sensor
    • Unlock the Joy of Multimedia with Content Sharing
    • Superior Picture Quality and Extended Viewing Angle With 23" IPS Display
    • Slim Design For Aspiring Lifestyles

    Where To Buy


    Where To Buy

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