Mouse Scanner LSM-100

Mouse Scanner LSM-100

There are countless moments in everyday life where you wish you had a scanner to hand – when children want to scan teaching material or articles from magazines

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Computer Accessories

With innovative IT products and computer accessories, LG is changing the way you live. Feast your eyes on the remarkable features and real-time capabilities that put LG at the forefront of new technology. Learn More

LG’s innovative computer accessories include:

Cinema 3D Monitors: Enjoy theater-quality 3D content. With lightweight, battery-free glasses, plus rich colours and ultra-sharp images, these PC accessories will expand your home entertainment options and transform your gaming and online experiences.

LG Optical Drives: LG Optical Drives utilise advanced technology for all your media storage needs. Sporting plenty of useful features, these innovative home computer and laptop accessories allow you to safely and efficiently store (and share) your must-have data, as well as your favourite movies, music and photos.

LG Projectors with DLP technology: These PC accessories are virtually immune to colour decay – the yellow/green tint that some projectors develop over extended periods of usage – which allows them to last longer and work more effectively than many other options.

The LG Mouse Scanner: Although they’re just the size of a normal computer mouse, these innovative computer accessories combine the functionality of two tools into one. With a built-in scanner, these PC and laptop accessories allow you to scan items – and share them – in just the click of a button.

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