External DVDR/RW Drives

External DVDR/RW Drives

Stylish Design, Slim and Portable, Easy to use, Mac Compatible, Best DVDR/DVDRW solution for Netbook, Light Scribe Function

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Data Storage

Protect the files you rely on. LG data storage devices make it easier – and safer – than ever to back up your system, share information with a friend or colleague, or transport your files. Learn More

LG data storage solutions allow you to protect and transport your files quickly, easily, and securely. Discover just a few of the features that make our storage devices a must-have:

M-DISC Technology: Data storage devices featuring M-DISC™ use a patented rock-like recording surface instead of organic dye to etch your data onto a disc, making your data more durable and more secure.

Write and Rewrite: Depending on the type of storage device you choose, you can not only write data to disc, but rewrite data – which gives you the option to erase data and write files to the disc again. This can be especially helpful if there are writing errors when recording your data.

Incredibly Fast Writing Speeds: With writing speeds of up to 24x, our devices allow you to burn more discs in less time.

Ultra-Slim Designs: From our internal data storage solutions that fit like a glove, to our sleek, slim external drives that can easily be carried in a bag or purse, all of our devices were designed to suit your space and your style.

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