External DVDR/RW Drives

External DVDR/RW Drives

Stylish Design, Slim and Portable, Easy to use, Mac Compatible, Best DVDR/DVDRW solution for Netbook, Light Scribe Function

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Data Storage

From DVD to Blu-ray devices, with the latest internal and external storage devices from LG, backing up your data has never been easier. Learn More

Using the latest technology, LG has developed a range of optical drives to help you protect and manage the data you rely on most, including:

Internal Blu-Ray Drives: Designed to seamlessly fit inside your computer, our internal Blu-ray storage devices allow you to quickly and easily save up to 50GB of data with the touch of a button.

External Blu-Ray Drives: Just like the internal Blu-ray storage devices, external Blu-Ray optical drives allow you to record up to 50GB of HD quality pictures, video or data directly onto Blu-ray discs. However, because they’re portable, these sophisticated data storage options can be taken anywhere – including the office, school, a friend’s home and more.

External DVD Drives: Slim, powerful and easy to transport, these external storage devices from LG allow you to save your data at warp speeds – from virtually any machine. Using DVD discs, this data storage solution is a sleek and simple and convenient – making backups a breeze.

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