11Kg capacity in a standard sized washer.

11Kg capacity
in a standard sized washer.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing. Here it is.
A standard sized washing machine with an incredible 11kg capacity.

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Front Loading Washer & Dryers

Quiet, reliable and capable of cleaning even the toughest of stains, LG front-loading washers & dryers provide everything you need to keep your home – and your family – looking their best. Learn More

Explore just a few features that put our front-load washers & dryers in a class of their own:

TrueSteam™ Technology: Using the power of real steam, our front-loading washers eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles while using less water and energy.

Direct Drive Motor: Front-load washing machines with Direct Drive Motors have fewer moving parts and operate more efficiently than traditional washers – so there’s less that can go wrong. LG confidently backs these motors with a 10-year warranty.

Stacking Kits: Many of our front-loading dryers can be stacked above (or below) our washers, offering a more efficient use of space.

Rack Dry: With a front-loading dryer featuring the rack dry option, you can safely dry heat-sensitive items, like sweaters, sneaker, lingerie, hats and even stuffed animals.

Drying Programmes: With a wide range of drying programmes, you can perfectly dry your clothing and linens. Many of our front-loading dryers feature options for cottons, mixed fabrics, delicates and more.

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