LG Bedding Cleaner

You can now rest easy with a more hygienic bed. The DualPunch cleaning system uses powerful vibration to help eliminate mites, gems and tiny bacteria deep down in your bed. Helping it stay hygienic is a UV lamp that sterilizes bacteria to prevent secondary contamination. Start sleeping with superior sanitation tonight!

With a Smart Choice, it's All Possible.

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Cleans Quietly but Thoroughly

Cleans Quietly but Thoroughly

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LG Vacuum Cleaners

Explore the innovative design of LG Vacuums and find the one that’s right for your home.

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Vacuum Cleaners

At LG, we develop vacuum cleaners and other products that are packed with new technology to help make life easier. Discover the vacuum machine you need to keep your floors looking their best. Learn More

LG vacuum cleaners feature a wide range of innovations that make it easier to keep your home clean, such as:

Dust Compression: Available on select vacuum cleaners, our state-of-the-art motorised dust compression system, thoroughly cleans with lasting suction power and easy, hygienic dust control. It helps prevent particles from escaping when you empty your vacuum cleaner bin and ensures that dirt is collected and compressed.

Steam cleaning: Some vacuum machines offer a steam cleaning option, which allows you to sterilise your floors using hot steam.

Easy-to-Clean Dust Canister: Because our vacuums offer easy-to-empty dust canister, they allow you to spend less time on vacuum cleaner maintenance.

Breathe Easy: Many of our vacuum cleaners feature a carbon HEPA filter that traps 99.95% of microscopic particles, making homes safer and healthier.

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