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The LG Super Multi Advantage

LG DVD Rewriters boast a sleek slim design as well as compatibility for both windows and Macs, so you can have best of both worlds.


Slim and Smart

The slim and smart LG CP50NS20 can read Blu-Ray™ discs and safely backup your important data onto DVD discs.


Ultra Slim and Ultra Portable

It comes in a variety of tones to suit all your needs.


Data Storage

LG data storage solutions let you store everything from important documents and files, to precious memories of family and friends. LG optical storage drives are loaded with the latest state-of-the-art features, designed to keep data safe and easily accessible. Learn More

LG optical drives give you the latest features, including:

M-Ready Drives. Ever experienced data loss on a disc? The M-Ready Drive safely and securely protect all your vital office documents and precious family pictures or anything else you want to preserve for a lifetime. Look for the M-DISC™ logo, the symbol of a new standard in optical drives.

Advanced Blu-ray™. Discover lightning fast writing speeds that let you create data discs quickly, saving you valuable time. Turn your Blu-ray writing capacity up a notch while also enjoying truly immersive 3D entertainment like you've never experienced before.

2D-to-3D real-time converting. It’s as easy as clicking a button with real-time conversions of DVD titles and any file based videos. And because it can be transformed in real-time there's no waiting around for the 3D excitement to start.

Silent Play. This feature automatically adjusts the noise to an optimally low level for serenity 24/7.

Non-stop Seamless Playability. Jamless Play Technology allows for discs to continuously run smoothly as they jump over scratched, damaged and smudged areas of discs.


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