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A Smart Way to Check Cleaning Off Your To-Do List.

LG HOM-BOT™ Turbo+ vacuums don’t just make cleaning easier, they make it smarter, too. With LG SmartThinQ™ technology, you can start or stop your HOM-BOT™ Turbo+, check the status of a cleaning cycle, or charge your vacuum using an app on your smartphone, or voice commands using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Think a little spill will delay the fun? ThinQ again.

LG HOM-BOT™ Turbo+ vacuums come with SmartThinQ™ technology that lets you turn on your robot vacuum remotely. And it works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can start cleaning with just the sound of your voice.

Think you can’t keep an eye on your home? ThinQ again.

The LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ uses motion sensor technology to automatically detect movement within view, capture images and send them directly to your LG SmartThinQ™ app. Get a confident clean and deeper sense of security with HomeGuard™.