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Enjoy DVD movies on your PC or read data stored on DVDs quickly.

DVD-ROM Drives

Upgrade your computer with an external DVD drive from LG. Whether you want to watch movies, save files to disc or listen to your favorite tunes, LG portable DVD drives make it all possible in the touch of a button. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make our external DVD drives popular favorites:

Faster Writing Speeds: Save time and burn more data to discs with a DVD ROM drive that features a 24x DVD-Max writing speed.

M-DISC™ Support: When you choose an LG portable DVD drives with M-DISC support, you can record data onto M-Discs – which gives you a rock-like recording surface that’s longer lasting and offers better data protection than traditional discs.

Silent & Jamless Play: An external DVD drive featuring Silent & Jamless play will not only automatically control the disc read speed for optimal noise reduction, but also automatically jumps through damaged areas of the disc and avoids stopping video playback.

Streamlined Designs: From portable drives to installable options, all of our portable DVD drives were created with sleek, clean lines and simplified operations, so they’re both beautiful and easy to use.

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