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Experience LG UltraWide Monitors

Experience LG
UltraWide Monitors

LG UltraWide Monitors have a 21:9 aspect ratio, making your movies and games more immersive than ever. And all of that UltraWide real estate makes it easy to view multiple documents at the same time. See for yourself.

Experience LG IPS Monitors

Experience LG IPS Monitors

The LG MP65 IPS monitor is the ideal monitor for true-to-life colors. The IPS monitor lessens color loss and helps to keep colors consistent at virtually angle. The LED backlighting delivers deep black levels and rich colors for an amazing contrast and color detail.

LED Monitors

An LG LED computer monitor will change the way you see the world. With superior color and enhanced detail, LED monitors help you’ll rediscover information in a way that transforms the way you think, respond and interact.  Learn More

Learn more about some of the amazing features found on various LG LED monitors:

LED Backlighting: LED monitors with backlighting deliver brightness, color and details with such enhanced clarity, you won’t believe your eyes.

Full HD 1080p: With almost double the pixel resolution of standard monitors, LED computer monitors with full high definition 1080 pixels deliver more vivid and detailed images than ever before.

EnergyStar®: LG voluntarily participates in the EnergyStar® labeling program, which recognizes products that run more efficiently in an effort to save money and reduce the impact on the environment. LG LED computer monitors use about 25% less energy than standard units, conserving energy in stand-by and active modes.

EZ Cabling: Interface connections are on the back of the stand rather than the back of the monitor. This allows cords to easily connect to the base of LED monitor for simple connections and organized wire management.

Picture in Picture Multitasking: This LED computer monitor feature gives you the ability to view a small sub screen within your main screen so you can keep an eye on e-mails or reference another document while working or viewing something else.

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