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With looks as cutting edge as the technology behind them, the Studio Series™ makes a bold statement in any home.

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Single Ovens

Whether you are creating a feast or just baking a cake, LG single wall ovens offer innovative features like convection cooking, touch-screen controls and a self-cleaning mode, so you can put on a performance of a lifetime, every time you step in the kitchen. Learn More

Explore the various options and features available on select LG built-in single ovens:

Convection System: Single wall ovens from LG feature a convection system with a range of cooking options: convection bake, roast, crisp and/or healthier roast. These options deliver the ideal temperature and airflow for faster pre-heating and uniform cooking.

Touch-Screen Controls: Prepare meals with ease using one-touch. The touch-screen control system on built-in single wall ovens allows you to select and monitor any of the cooking options with greater ease. The control system also includes a gourmet recipe bank with more than 40 preset recipes.

Self-Cleaning: An LG single wall oven with a self-cleaning mode is like having your own personal assistant in the kitchen so you can spend more time baking and cooking, without worrying about the mess.

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