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LG USB Modem

Life in the Fast Lane

The VL600 is not just a business tool;
it’s a business revolution, offering
connectivity with lightning-fast 4G*
data transmission speeds.


USB Modem

LG USB Modem keep you connected and productive in the airport, at the coffee shop, or waiting in line. Ultra-compact, USB Modem fit easily in a pocket or bag, and with super-fast speeds, connect to the Internet in an instant.  Learn More

Learn more about the various features on select LG USB Modem:

Size: Lightweight and compact, usb modem fit comfortably in a pocket or laptop bag, and are the perfect size for traveling and commuting.

Compatibility: LG USB Modem connect with Windows® operating systems, or offer universal compatibility with major operating systems including: MAC OS, Windows XP/ Vista / 7.

3G or 4G: Gain high-speed Internet access on your USB Modem and experience blazing-fast uploads and downloads.

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