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I can't connect to wireless network

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  • Last Updated 27/07/2016

I can't connect to wireless network

Wireless network connection

Things to check

Home Theater is embedded with wireless receiver that supports both the IEEE 802.11n(5GHZ and 2.4GHz bandwidth) and the 802.11a/b/g specification.
For optimal network performance, you are suggested to use wireless router or network device that is certified for IEEE 802.11.n specification.
Before connecting, you need to meet the requirements below.
Broadband internet must be connected to wireless network.
Check the settings of wireless router or network device.
You have to know the SSID and security code for the wireless router or network device.

Wireless connection  Wireless connection

You can connect the device to wireless network through [Setting], [Network] wih embedded wireless network receiver,
and wireless connection methods vary depending on the network environment or wireless router, etc.

 Wireless network setup

① [HOME] of remote control – Setup – NETWORK.

 How to fix

① Go to HOME MENU by pressing Home button of remote control.

② Go to Setup then NETWORK.

③ Select he network type : [Wireless].

④ It will automatically search the access point.

⑤ Select the Access point then OK.

⑥ Enter the password if needed.
     Then click OK.

⑥  Set the IP Mode and DNS Server.
     To set IP and DNS manually:
     IP Mode : Static  / DNS Server : Manual

⑤ It will show you a dialogue window and network connection completed.

⑦ It will show you a dialogue window and network connection completed.

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