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[Refrigerator] Does the refrigerator make whizzing sound?

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  • Last Updated 18/11/2014



Does the refrigerator make whizzing sound?





Whizzing sound can be heard when motor is in operation. 
Heat is generated when motor operates and

fan also rotates to cool down, resulting in the whizzing sound.


How to fix


The sound can be normally heard when the refrigerator is operating.

When set temperature is met, the motor will stop. 
When the inside temperature rises, the motor will start again.

For metallic noises and clanking noises made by fans, contact the service center.



The sound is normal as fan rotates to cool down the compressor.

  - The sound may also be due to linear compressor operation.



Operation noise from LG Electronics linear compressor is 20dB(dead room).




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