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[Refrigerator] Is ice dispensed in the ice basket?

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  • Last Updated 18/11/2014



Is ice dispensed in the ice basket?





When the product is newly installed or ice maker is turned off,

ice will not be dispensed.


How to fix


After installation, it will take 24 hours or 1 day to keep food cool

and 72 hours or 3 days for ice to be dispensed from the ice maker. 

Press the ice maker button for more than 3 seconds to turn it on or off. 
After large amounts of cubed ice or shaved ice has been dispensed,

it takes time for ice to fill the ice basket, which is normal.


More details


 - Automatic ice maker makes 7 ice cubes at once, producing 150~160 cubes a day. 
   The amount can differ based on environment.

   (Surrounding temperature, number of door opening, load, amount of stored food)

 - When the ice basket (1.5kg) is full, ice is no longer produced.




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