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Can I use a product purchased in a country in other countries?

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  • Last Updated 26/05/2015

Can I use a product purchased in a country in other countries? 







              Compatibility of products 








 Potential cause


               Standard voltage and frequency varies from country to country. 









 How to use


1.    Refrigerators sold in Korea are produced under a domestic industrial standard of 220V and 60Hz.

2.    As standard voltage and frequency differs by country, products purchased from a country may not be used in another country. Difference in frequency can cause noises from a compressor or a motor or lower product performance, ultimately shortening a product life.

               Linear compressor models operate by frequency. If the frequency does not match, the product cannot run.

               * Please refer to for standard voltage and frequency of a country.

              3. When a product breaks down when it was used in a different country from where it was purchased, repair service is
    unavailable due to different parts and service standard.


              <Straight line motion of refrigerator linear compressor>

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