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Guidelines when there is stain or dirt on the lens.

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  • Last Updated 28/06/2016

Guidelines when there is stain or dirt on the lens.


Remove dust and stain on the lens.
But if you wipe too hard, it may be damaged.
Scratches on the lens surface doesn’t degrade its performance.

How to fix

If you wipe with microfiber cloth, you can prevent scratches.

① Turn off the Mini Beam and let it cool at room temperature.

② Dust on the lens: Use Blower or Brush to dust off.

Stain on the lens: Wipe gently with a soft cotton flannel in one direction.

※ If there is a mark on the lens and it affects the image, you are suggested to visit service center nearby.


-Refrain from cleaning the Mini Beam while it is being operated. Let it cool fully.

-If you want to use cleaning liquid, do not spray directly to the lens. Spray it to cleaning paper or microfiber cloth and wipe with it.

-You must use cleaning supplies exclusively for lens.

[To prevent scratches]

Use soft cotton flannel(Superfine fibres)
Do not use coarse cloth like dry or wet mop.

Comply with the cleaning method written in the manual.

Refrain from using sharp objects near the lens.

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