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I want to install Pocket Photo App

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  • Last Updated 29/07/2016

I want to install Pocket Photo App


To use Pocket Photo APP

 How to fix

To use Pocket Photo, you need to install the App in your phone. You can install from Android market, or by scanning the QR code on the box or in the user’s manual or through NFC.

※ For now, you can’t use Window Phone.

 How to install

① Search [LG Pocket photo] in the Play Store (Android Market) and tap Install/Download.

② If you scan the QR code on the box or in the user’s manual, you will be able to search [LG Pocket photo] and then tap Install/Download.

 How to set APP

Set the following to use the APP.

→ NFC* : To print through NFC (Only for smart phones embedded with NFC feature)

→ Bluetooth : To print through Bluetooth → USB debugging : To connect through USB cable

→ GPS** : To save the place where you took the picture

* NFC : Near-Field Communication

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