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I want to connect to my phone through bluetooth

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  • Last Updated 27/07/2016

I want to connect to my phone through bluetooth


To connect with phone through bluetooth

How to fix

 ※ How to connect through bluetooth

Preparation: Turn on the LG Pocket Photo and print when the LED button turns into white

① Start LG Pocket Photo App on your smart phone.

② Select a picture and press [PRINT] button.

③ Select [OK] then it will start searching bluetooth device.

④ If it’s your first time to connect to it, it will ask if you are going to pair.

Select [PAIRING] to start printing.

※ Notes
If there is smart sheet in the paper tray, it will be out first then print.
The printing and picture on your phone may have different color. If several LG Pocket Photos are searched, check MAC address on the label and select the appropriate one. Without APP, you can print pictures on your laptop and smart phone through bluetooth. Select a picture and select [SHARE] and [Bluetooth].

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