Absorption Chiller Complex Type

With LG's Absorption Chillers including their Water Chillers, you will have the perfect cooling solution. Discover how these powerful machines will enhance your business, LG continues to make life good.
  • Absorption Chiller Complex Type

    Superior Installation Convenience

    3 Parts Partition enables easy installation at narrow places such as remodeling & renovation sites.

  • Absorption Chiller Complex Type

    Easy Pipe Cleaning

    When cleaning the piping, only the water box cover can be opened without disconnecting the piping.

  • Direct_Fired_Absorption_Chiller_06_01 Direct_Fired_Absorption_Chiller_06_01

    Digital Pressure Check

    Digital pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure inside the refrigerator in real time. The vacuum rate is automatically set and saved. The saved data can be used to accurately and quickly monitor and diagnose leakage.
  • Direct_Fired_Absorption_Chiller_06_02 Direct_Fired_Absorption_Chiller_06_02

    Optimized Central Control

    Control solutions such as ACP IV and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.