Indoor LED Signage

Packed with thoughtful features to enhance your campaigns, LG's LED Indoor Signage will maximise the effectiveness of advertising in a wide variety of interior business areas. Learn about the product features below.

Optimum Cable-less LED

Optimum Cable-Less LED

With unrivaled picture quality and optimum cable-less design, expand the possibilitys of business space itself.

130" All-in-one LED Screen1

130" All-In-One LED Screen

With superb picture quality powered by HDR10 and immersive Surface Sound, LG's 130" All-in-one LED Screen is an ideal for building hassle-free and smart meeting room environments.

LED Cinema

LED Cinema

The infinite contrast and excellent brightness created by LG LED Cinema bring fine details to the screen, providing viewers an amazing sense of immersion.

Premium Fine-pitch1

Premium Fine-Pitch

Boasting detailed color and super contrast, LG’s Premium Fine-pitch series bring content to life through freedom of design.

Color Transparent LED Film1

Color Transparent LED Film

LG Color Transparent LED Film is a new level of renovation with see-through view. Its superb transparency endows the glass surface or window to which it is attached with a mystical beauty full of vivid color.

LAS Fine-pitch1

LAS Fine-Pitch

The LAS Fine-pitch series offers a unit case with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as light-weight cabinet design and front serviceability for easy installation and maintenance.

LAS Standard1

LAS Standard

The LAS Standard series is designed not only for fixed-installation, but for rental, staging, large venue and event applications. It features magnetically-attachable unit cases with quick-lock systems to facilitate easy installation.

LAE Standard1

LAE Standard

The LAE Standard series is reasonable and provides versatile performance. It is available in various creative and user-friendly designs for convenient installation and maintenance.

LAE-Q Standard1

LAE-Q Standard

The LAE-Q Standard series is suitable for a variety of indoor installations, with precision-machined aluminum die-cast frames that enable easy and seamless screen building.

LAC Curved1

LAC Curved

The LAC Curved series supports both concave and convex curved formats. It is highly flexible, ultra-thin, super-light and features full black LED.

LG C-Display+ Customer App1

LG C-Display+ Customer App

Find the latest production information along with reference case, OLED/LED/Video Wall configurator, manual and sales contact information.