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Why LG Commercial Display

LG Commercial Display provides a wide range of innovative products and solutions that have the power to move your hearts and minds.

Why LG Information Display
Innovative Technology3

Innovative Technology

LG electronics, a leading supplier of electronics technology excels in offering comprehensive and indispensable solutions to suit your needs. With our expertise in research and development for the digital signage industry, LG prides itself in providing access to some of the most advanced and flexible products and technologies.

LG Value Proposition

LG Value Proposition

Most reliable panel in the market: Leading-edge panel technology

IPS accurately displays the quality and color of an image at a 178° ultra wide viewing angle. There is no fall-off in color accuracy and no diversion in the contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most challenging lighting environments, the displays are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate color temperature for life-like images.

Groundbreaking 0.44mm Even Bezel

LG has finally introduced the world’s first* slim bezel under 1 mm, the 0.44 mm even bezel. (*As of November 2018) The unprecedented razor-thin bezel – 0.44 mm EVEN BEZEL and 0.88 mm BEZEL TO BEZEL – makes content look like the actual original image by depicting a subject perfectly true to form, without any distortions.

UHD delivering superior clarity and sharp details even at close viewing distances

The UHD display technology with ultra-close viewing distances and realistic image reproduction allows for a window simulation and alternative in applications where the view is lacking or no windows exist.

SoC-based smart platform

To capture the best of all worlds in digital signage software, LG has created WebOS, a platform for intuitive user experiences, simple customization, easy connection, and convenient management. WebOS for Signage also enables a variety of web-based applications across multiple platforms(Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5)

Digital signage

SuperSign is an all-in-one management software that allows the user to control a display and media player and enables creating and distributing digital content. SuperSign includes the client-side PC Editor for creating and editing content, and the server-side Web Editor.

Hotel TV

LG Pro:Centric Smart is the smartest way to control and customize Hotel TV. It offers customizable tools for optimizing Hotel TVs with IP-based content, such as Web-kit and HTML5. This makes it possible to provide premium hotel services with no set-top boxes.

Global Key Provider

Global Key Provider

LGE has a strong global network. We have manufacturing and production plants, sales offices, and research and development facilities in 128 countries, fully supporting our business in over 200 countries. We strive to change the life and business of our customers around the world with innovative technologies and products.

B2B service network in 49 countries

- Product training and certification

Multinational warranty service

- Local sales engineering support

Pre-sales engineering support

- Training & pilot technical support

B2B warranty packages

- Extended warranty, quick swap etc.

Global Key Provider


We constantly strive to find new ways to leverage oour core competencies in the fields of displays and digital peripherals to create innovative, orginal and reliable solutions to the problems created by rapidly evolving technical demands in the various B2B horizontal markets.



Launch the Newly Unique Products

- 86" ULTRA Stretch with 58:9 Ratio


- Smart Hybrid Cooler



Information Display Business Unit, HE Company

- Launched the World Best Class Narrow Bezel Video Wall



Commercial Display Business Unit, HE Company

- Launched the webOS Signage Platform



Moved to IT Business Unit, Home Entertainment(HE) Company

- Launched the ULTRA HD Large Signage(84")



Commericial Display & Security Business Unit, BS Company



Commericial Display Business Unit, Business Solution(BS) Company

LG C-Display+ Customer App

LG C-Display+
Customer App

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