Outdoor LED Signage

The range of LG LED Outdoor Displays are loaded with excellent features, from high brightness to enhanced durability making it suitable for outdoor environments. Find out more below.

LBS Stadium1

LBS Stadium

The LBS Stadium series comes in various formats for different types of stadiums and outdoor venue applications. It is designed and built to provide robust performance with exceptional image quality.



The LBS DOOH series comes with a slim unit case design suitable for various premium grade outdoor applications.



The LBE DOOH series is suitable for fixed outdoor installation, featuring slim die-cast aluminum housing for seamless building with energy efficient performance. It can be configured to screen ratios of 4:3, 8:9, and 16:9, which are ideal for playing back advertising content.

LBE Standard1

LBE Standard

The LBE Standard series is reasonable and provides versatile performance. It is available in various creative and user-friendly designs for convenient installation and maintenance.

LBH High Brightness1

LBH High Brightness

The LBH High Brightness series is recommended for fixed outdoor installations requiring high brightness and high contrast. With IP65-rated (front/rear) robust weatherproof design, it boasts reliable performance even under harsh environments.

LG C-Display+ Customer App1

LG C-Display+ Customer App

Find the latest production information along with reference case, OLED/LED/Video Wall configurator, manual and sales contact information.