Water-cooled Screw Heat Pump

These LG Water Cooled Heat Pumps are the ideal cooling solution for your business. Discover how LG uses powerful technology to deliver incredible results, LG makes life good. Discover more below.


Water-cooled Screw Geo Thermal Heat Pump


Utilizing Unused Energy as Heat Source

It supplies high temperature water up to 80℃ by using 70-80% of unused energy such as waste heat source, river water and ground water discharged from power plants and sewage treatment plants. It can save energy economically because it draws low temperature heat energy to high temperature heat energy with small amount of energy.

Applicable for Various Sites

Hot water production is possible at various sites such as industrial site and sewage treatment plant. Specialized solution is provided to offer stable and efficient operation even under harsh conditions.


Economical Energy Saving System

With Centrifugal Heat Pump, 70% of the operational cost and 80% of the greenhouse gas emission can be saved in comparison to fossil fuels.


High Efficiency Load Evaporator

By applying gravity type refrigerant distribution system, reliable operation is provided, and evaporation efficiency is improved by optimizing arrangement of eliminator and evaporator tube.


Oil Recovery System

The oil supplied during the high-speed rotation of the compressor is recovered through a three-stage separation system. When refrigerant is moved, it prevents impurities from entering and improves cooling efficiency. By continuously supplying and recovering oil, oil shortage can be prevented.


Reduced Weight & Size

Valuable floor space can be saved by reducing installation area and weight.

Noise Reduction

It minimized turbulence in intake port and reduced inconvenience of noise by preventing outflow.

Black Box Feature

It stores and analyzes operation record for quick diagnosis to provide solution in case of failure.


Optimized Central Control

Control solutions such as ACP IV and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.


Water-cooled Screw Heat Pump Line Up


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