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I am seeing the 'OE' error. How can I check If the drain hose is clogged?

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  • Washer Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

I am seeing the 'OE' error. How can I check If the drain hose is clogged?



cause Cause


         ■  If a drain hose is installed incorrectly, it is highly likely to cause odour from the drainage system due to water backflow.

how to fix How to fix


         ■ Remove the drain hose, and press [POWER], [SPIN], [START] buttons (in order) to check drainage status.

         ■ If the machine drains properly, it may be the drainage hole causing the error. Please check the hole.

         ※ [OE] error appears if drainage level dose not reach the level ) within 10 minutes.


         Drain Hose Check











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