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What can I do when my washing machine displays 'UE Error'?

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  • Last Updated 09/06/2015

What can I do when my washing machine displays 'UE Error'?


cause  Cause

The 'UE' code means an Unbalanced Error.

The Drum within the machine is designed to increase it's RPM from low to high speeds stage by stage during its cycle,

and will automatically sense unbalance of laundry to make sure the laundry inside the tub is kept even. When you wash

large-sized laundry (winter coat, pillow and etc.), the machine may keep trying to make sure its kept even within the tub.

This may result in longer time spinning time and abnormal spinning speeds.
The error can also occur when the load is too large or too small.


Its also worth noting that if the washing machine is unevenly installed, the same symptoms can occur.

how to fix  How to Fix

  • If the load is too small, then you may try to add one or two similar garments.
  •  If the load is out of balance, then try to rearrange the load until the unit runs smoothly.
  •  If it continues to have trouble, then the unit may require service




Try not to over-fill the drum, fill 2/3 of the drum and evenly place the clothes.




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