Quietly but Thoroughly at work LG HOM-BOT Square

With it's new Square design


  • Dust collection : Bagless
  • Cleaning time : 100 minutes
  • Battery Type : LiPB
  • Noise level (IEC) : 60 dB


LG HOMBOT Corner Master

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Square Design

Because of the square design, the side brushes are placed closer towards the front.

Longer Side Brushes

HOM-BOT SQUARE thoroughly cleans corners due to 1.5cm longer side brushes.

Smarter Corner Cleaning

HOM-BOT SQUARE's corner cleaning performance has improved by 89% and its cleaning efficiency has been enhanced to 94%.

Corner Detecting System

HOM-BOT SQUARE smoothly follows the wall and cleverly detects the corner without bumping.

  • Thanks to the flat side shape of HOM-BOT SQUARE, it is in close proximity to the wall.
  • Operating corner detection system, it can clean 89% more efficiently than others.
  • Backward cleaning is carried out to finish thoroghly cleaning at the corner.
  • It will continue to clean the next section without collision.

Upgraded Dual Eye 2.0™

LG HOM-BOT SQUARE has adopted the new generation of upper camera, II-SLAM(Illumination Invariant based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Conventional robotic vacuums can easily wander in the dark because it is hard to take pictures without light. With its II-SLAM technology, HOM-BOT SQUARE's Dual Eye 2.0™ has been upgraded and now automatically calculated the intensity of light scans the ceiling. Whether it is bright or dark, Dual Eye 2.0™ can take clear pictures of the room and minimize wandering.

World First and Unique Dual Eye system

Upper Camera

(CV-SLAM Celing Vision based Simultaneous Location and Maping). Using a camera which takes 30 images per second, it scans ceiling surfaces. Continuous comparison of these sequential images generates simultaneous localization and mapping information.

Lower Camera

(OFS : Optical Flow Sensor)
An optical sensor reads the floor for measuring of moving distance and recognizes even the slight changes of floor.

Mapping Resume Function

Using Mapping Resume Function, HOM-BOT SQUARE finds the location by itself even after you pick it up and move it to somewhere else.

Digital Bumper

Multple sensors recognize obstacles around and minimize collision. LG HOM-BOT SQUARE knows how far the obstacles are ahead. Others are "bump to know". Digital Bumper avoids obstacles and minimize collisions.

Learning Function

With its Learning Function, HOM-BOT SQUARE memorizes the location of the obstacles and cliffs of your room minimizing bumping.

Operating conditions

  • HOM-BOT SQUARE remembers the location of obstacles and cliffs during the cleaning.
  • It remembers the written map into memory after cleaning.
  • It avoids the obstacles and dangerous area by adsusting the obstacle detection sensor sensitivity or by reducing the speed.


Moves in wide spiral shape for spot cleaning. Circles out in 1.5 meter.

My Space

LG's Unique program which allows to clean efficiently the inner space you have selected twice repeatedly with Zigzag mode. Efficient for any space with many obstacles.

Zigzag Mode

Moving back and forth until it meets an obstacle in the way. Efficient for large area with few obstacles.

Cell by Cell

A more sophisticated navigation by finishing a cell in Zigzag mode and then moving onto the next cell. Efficient for complicated areas with obstacles.

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode maximizes the RPM for brush and suction motors in order to enhance cleaning performance.

Repeat Mode

For extensive cleaning, HOM-BOT SQUARE repeats cleaning until the battery runs out and returs to its home station.

Smart Turbo Mode

Smart Turbo mode automatically converts its cleaning mode to Turbo mode when HOM-BOT SQUARE senses carpet floor. After cleaning carpet, it automatically turns off the Turbo mode.

Easy Out Dust Bin

HOM-BOT SQUARE's dust bin is designed to take out from the top. Easier to use than the sliding type dust bins of conventional robotic vacuums. This minimizes hassles of residual dust around the dust din slot. Also, HOM-BOT SQUARE has a bigger capacity (O.6L) for more dust intake that makes less effort to dump the dust bin. Pull up type LG dust din prevents flying dust when emptying. Therefore you can enjoy healthier and more convenient cleaning.

Low Noise

Low noise of 60dB(A), cleaning doesn't annoy you at home. HOM-BOT SQUARE wont' bother you in everyday life.

Smart Diagnosis

HOM-BOT SQUARE informs an appropriate measure with voice by self-diagnosing abnormalities of main parts.

Wider HEPA Filter

The Bigger HEPA 11 filter traps harmful dust particles and helps HOM-BOT SQUARE cleaning system release back clean air.

Bigger Mop

2.5 times larger, HOM-BOT SQUARE bigger mop makes your home spotless.

Slide in Mop

Slide in Mop makes you more easy and convenient to replace mop.

89mm Slim Design

With its slim design, HOM-BOT SQUARE travels without difficulty under most furniture.

Longer Lasting Battery

HOM-BOT SQUARE's Li-Ion Polymer battery has longer cycle life than ordinary Ni-MH battery. it maintains over 90% of its designed capacity even after 300 cycles of recharge, so you can save your money by replacing batteries less often.

Scheduled cleaning

With the scheduler, HOM-BOT SQUARE will clean the house at your desired time.

Voice Guidance

With more than 90 voice alerts, it notifies HOM-BOT SQUARE's current status and movement.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

Enjoy the Corner Master, Smart Cleaning, Collision-Safe Cleaning, Thorough Cleaning, Special Cleaning Mode, Convenient Cleaning and Enrich your Life

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