Exceptional cooking performance with style to match.

Exceptional cooking performance
with style to match

Experience cooking performance and modern design with LG's line of cooktops. Enjoy a stable cooktop with consistent heat throughout. LG cooktops truly are style and convenience in perfect harmony.


LG Cooking Options for Your Kitchen

LG Cooking Options
for Your Kitchen

Whether it's beautifully designed options for
your kitchen or the latest technologies, new
cooking appliances from LG are designed to enhance your overall experience by creating
great everyday moments. Explore the broad
array of innovative LG cooking appliances
for your kitchen.

The Transformative Beauty of LG Studio

The Transformative
Beauty of LG Studio

Presenting the kitchen you’ve always
wanted. LG Studio appliances are
the ultimate fusion of artful design
and polished performance.

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Elegant and efficient, LG offers three distinct cooktops : gas cooktops with cast iron grates, radiant heat cooktops that are easy to clean, and the advanced technology induction cooktop. These cooktops are designed to suit your decor and cooking needs . Learn More

Discover the three types of LG cooktops available:

Gas Cooktops: With heavy-duty cast iron grates, professional-grade knobs with precision controls, you can easily control the amount of heat needed for each dish you are preparing.

Radiant Heat Cooktops: The electric cooktop uses a steady heat to be emitted “radiated" from the cooktop at a controlled temperature for precision cooking you need when making delicate sauces or hard candies.

Induction Cooktops: A revolutionary cooktop technology that saves energy while providing quick and even heating of your food.

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