Laundry Tips
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Basic Mending

While LG high efficiency washers are designed to minimize wear, this article is a great refresher for those who may have to hand sew buttons.

Follow these steps to sew on flat buttons of any size. A flat (or sew-thru) button has two to four holes through which you sew it on the garment.

Thread needle & prepare garment

  • 1Pull off 18 to 24 inches of thread and thread your needle. Pull one end of the thread to meet the other so you have a double thread. Knot the ends of the thread.
  • 2Locate the area on the garment where you want the button to go.
  • 3Place the needle into the fabric, starting at the wrong (or back) side of the garment, and bring it up through the garment.
  • 4Make two short stitches away from the knot (without the button) to anchor your thread.

Attach button

  • 1Place the button over the anchor stitches and bring the needle up through the button.
  • 2Lay the straight pin over the button.
  • 3Bring your needle down through the other button hole and fabric, over the straight pin.
  • 4Make 3 or 4 more stitches, through the fabric and button. Repeat steps for the other two holes if you are using a 4-hole button.

Reinforce button & fasten

  • 1Bring the needle and thread out between button and fabric. (Do not go through the button.)
  • 2Remove the pin and lift the button to pull the threads tight against the button. This creates a shank of threads that appears beneath the button.
  • 3Bring your needle down through the other button hole and fabric, over the straight pin.
  • 4Insert the needle to the wrong side of the garment, where your original thread knot is. Knot and cut the thread.

General Tips:

  • Pull each stitch taut to create a smooth effect and prevent a knotted mess.
  • Use a thread color that is a close match to the other buttons on the garment.
  • To get professional results, don't "over" sew.
  • Instead of using a straight pin when creating the shank, use a bobby pin, matchstick or toothpick — something that is the same thickness as the garment. The shank allows the buttonhole to fit smoothly under the button.
  • Pull thread through a sheet of fabric softener before threading needle if static is a problem.
  • As you are sewing, inspect the garment for old stains. If you find them, pretreat with detergent. Of course, check the garment label first to make sure items are not dry clean only.