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What’s better than having the #1 rated Refrigerator? Having two of them.


What’s better than having the #1
rated Refrigerator? Having two of them.

Recently, a leading consumer magazine named two LG French Door Refrigerators #1 in their class*. It's no wonder. Packed with innovative features like Door-in-Door, SpacePlus™ and the tallest ice & water dispenser available, LG refrigerators are second only to each other. While we would have been pleased with one #1 rating, now we’re doubly proud.
*By a leading consumer magazine as of May 2015SEE THE LMXS30746SSEE THE LFXS32766S



Stay cool. Make sure
your fridge fits.

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The Transformative Beauty of LG Studio

The Transformative
Beauty of LG Studio

Presenting the kitchen you’ve always
wanted. LG Studio appliances are
the ultimate fusion of artful design
and polished performance.

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From the traditional to the contemporary, LG offers five different refrigerator models with a host of innovative features. Explore all LG refrigerators and find the right one designed for the way you live.  Learn More

Learn more about the various LG refrigerator models:

Side-by-Side: This LG refrigerator model’s side-by-side configuration features vertical refrigerator and freezer doors.

Bottom Freezer: These LG Refrigerator models have the refrigerator door at eye level and feature a freezer door.

Top Freezer: This traditional refrigerator model places the freezer on top. These LG refrigerator models come with either a self-contained ice system or ice maker.

French 3-Door: This refrigerator model features two side-by-side refrigerator doors and one freezer drawer below.

French 4-Door: LG refrigerator models with the French 4-door arrangement offer two side-by-side refrigerator doors and two freezer drawers stacked below.

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