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A Revolutionary Spin on Top Load Design

A Revolutionary Spin
on Top Load Design

LG flips tradition with the modern and stylish Front Control Top Load Washer. We've added sleek contours and moved the control panel from the back to the front for a design that's unlike anything you've ever seen!

#1 Front Load Washer 8 Years Running

#1 Front Load Washer
8 Years Running

Good things only get better. New ways
to make laundry cleaner—and less of
a chore—continue to make us
America’s #1 front load washer.
We thank you.



Tired of spending hours on end finishing your family's laundry? Now, those days are gone. LG's revolutionary TurboWash™ technology allows you to save 20 minutes on larger loads, with outstanding cleaning performance!* It's like pressing the fast forward button on your laundry.

Learn about TurboWash™
LG TurboWash™ washer

Which Washer is Right for You?

Front-load or top-load? Whichever you choose, all
LG washers offer the reliability of a Direct Drive
motor, and reduce energy costs and washer consumption verses conventional washers.


TurboWash™ Washers

As LG’s fastest washing machines, TurboWash™ Washers will not only keep your clothes looking their best, but will also save you 20 minutes per load and help reduce your energy costs. Learn More
Discover some remarkable features of LG’s turbo washers that put them in a class of their own:

Steam Cleaning: LG’s Steam™ technology gently penetrates fabrics to virtually eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles.

Advanced Cold-Water Cleaning: With ColdWash™ technology and enhanced washing motions, our fast washing machines make it easy to get warm water performance without the warm water costs.

Direct Drive Motors: Every turbo washer from LG comes with a Direct Drive Motor, which operates more efficiently and uses fewer moving parts than standard washing machine motors. Plus, they’re backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty.

TrueBalanceTM: TurboWash washers are not only among the fastest washing machines available, but they’re also among the quietest. Our TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System works to reduce washer noise and vibration.
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