Shall mean Water Purifier and Air Purifier bearing the LG Brand whichever applicable.



    Shall mean the person or organization that purchases the Appliance (including its heirs, executors, administrators, successors in title and assigns).



    Shall mean services and maintenances provided by LGE Authorized Technicians



    Shall mean LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd 200001003055 (505660-U) (AJL932279).

    “LGE Authorized



    Shall mean :

    (1)  Authorized representatives of LGE;  or

    (2)  Authorized Technicians/Trained technical personnel; or

    (3)  Appointed authorized and trained technical personnel within Customer region; or

    (4)  LGE service technicians or third party service providers

    whom are contracted with LGE to provide Appliance installation, repair and maintenance services under this Contract.



    Shall mean the Installation Address limited within West Malaysia and Penang island only; EXCLUDING East Malaysia and all the other island(s) in Malaysia.



    This Agreement is subject to a cooling-off period of ten (10) days, unless a written consent is provided by the Customer to LGE requesting to waive the cooling-off period for immediate purchase and installation of the Appliance.

    1. 1. LGE may sell or assign either absolutely or by way of security any or all of LGE’s rights under this Agreement to any third party, and Customer agrees to do all things necessary to give effect to such sale or assignment.
    2. 2. CareShip provided by LGE is an extra service (not compulsory) provided with the rental application. LGE reserves the right to replace, reschedule or exchange service with equivalent value replacement whenever deem necessary.
    3. 3. Warranty and Maintenance Service Conditions
    3.1    LGE reserves the right to not conduct maintenance or reinstallation services in the event the Customer moves the Appliance to a new location without the prior express written consent of LGE, which LGE may grant or refuse in its sole and absolute discretion, including but not limited to where the new Location is as determined by LGE. Without prejudice to the foregoing, LGE shall be entitled to impose labour charges for each request to dismantle and/or reinstall the Appliance if the Customer makes such a request whether it being once and/or more than once and in any case Customer shall be responsible for transporting the Appliance to the new location.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event the Customer moves the Appliance outside Malaysia and/or to the Locations as excluded, all services from and other obligations of LGE under the Agreement shall cease and the warranty in respect of the Appliance shall become void, without prejudice to the Customer’s obligation to settle all outstanding amounts owing to LGE.
    3.2    Customer shall allow LGE to conduct regular maintenance as provided for under LGE’s maintenance policy. Frequent postponement of maintenance appointments will be viewed as breach of this Agreement. LGE shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for any losses or damages should there be any cancellation of scheduled maintenance service by the Customer. No additional maintenance service will be provided in replacement of the cancelled scheduled service.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Customer requests two (2) or more Appliances to have the same maintenance schedule, LGE reserves the right to forfeit the maintenance services for both Appliance and no replacement will be granted.
    3.3    The warranty for the Appliance includes free replacement parts as deemed necessary by LGE and scheduled maintenance services for the duration of the Warranty. Notwithstanding the foregoing, LGE shall not provide any free parts or perform any maintenance services in the event of improper usage of the Appliance or unauthorized service. The Customer shall under no circumstances attempt to or permit any party save for LG Authorised Technicians to dismantle, repair, undertake maintenance work or replace any filters or parts of the Appliance and if the Customer does, permits or attempts to do so, the warranty shall be void, and in any case, the Customer shall be liable for any damage to the Appliance as a result of the same.
    3.4    LGE shall maintain the Appliance in accordance with its current maintenance policy. LGE reserves the right to charge Customer separately for the costs of additional maintenance services which LGE deems necessary, if such additional maintenance costs arise due to improper use of the Appliance, including any use of the Appliance beyond its intended purposes.
    3.5    Customer shall not attempt to transfer, sublease, resell or rent the Appliance. Loss of Appliance of attempts to transfer, sublease or resell of the Appliance will be viewed as a breach to this Agreement which warrant legal action.
    3.6    LGE reserves the right to repair or replace the Appliance or any part of the Appliance at its sole discretion if there are defects to the Appliance during the warranty period. Such right shall include any decisions to change the filter of the Appliance during regular maintenance. The old Appliance and all used or replaced components of the Appliance of any part of the Appliance shall remain the property of LGE.
    3.7    Upon any repair or replacement of any Appliance or any part of the Appliance, the old Appliance and all used or replaced components shall remain the property of LGE.
    3.8    LGE will not in any way be responsible for any loss and/or damages towards the Appliances without any written confirmation by LGE authorized person in charge.
    1. 4. Refund
      Prepayment made by Customer in respect of outright service package or service package monthly rental fee is non-refundable provided that the package is cancelled by Customer in writing before the first commencement of any Service of the Appliance. Upon receiving such written request from Customer, LGE will process the refund within the time stipulated below All refund by LGE will be directly made into the Customer bank details as per Sales Contract only. LGE will not entertain any appeals to refund to a third party account

      Mode of Payment

      Refund to Customer via

      Refund Time

      Debit / Credit Card

      Online Transfer

      *60 days

             *The refund time of 60 days is calculated upon receipt of all the required documents by Customers to LGE (eg. copy of customer bank account, copy of NRIC and payment/transactions details.

    1. 5. Own Use
      All Appliances are for the Customer's own use only. The Customer shall not resell any Appliance or parts or components therein or any by-product of any Appliance (including but not limited to any water processed by or generated from any Appliance).
    2. 6. Personal Data
    A. LGE shall comply with all laws and regulations related to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”). Upon signing of this Contract, the Customer acknowledges that the Customer has read and understood LGE Privacy Policy provided under the Privacy Notice and agrees to the processing of the Customer’s personal data as set out in the Privacy Notice.  
    B. LGE's privacy notice is enacted separately and it is protecting the personal information of the Customer how this information will be shared within LGE related companies, affiliates, contractors, vendors or service providers for the purposes of operation and maintenance of the Appliances, for cross-promotional purposes and to otherwise provide customer support and services to you and our respective LGE shall inform Customer of the purpose and method of collecting and using its personal information through the personal information processing policy and the measures taken by the LGE to protect Customer’s personal information. This personal information processing policy may be changed according to the amendment of related laws or the LGE's policy, which is updated on LGE's website without any prior notice to the Customer.
    C. The Customer must inform LGE in writing of any changes or amendments to the Customer’s personal details as soon as possible.
    D. LGE will not be held responsible for any issue that arises from the Customer’s failure to comply with Clause 6(c) herein. This shall also include Customer’s obligation to inform LGE in writing in the event of any changes or amendment to his/her credit/debit card details, personal details (address, telephone, etc.) and LGE shall not be responsible for any issues arising from Customer's failure to do so.
    1. 7. Upon signing of this Agreement, Customer acknowledges that Customer has read and understood the Privacy Policy and agrees to the processing of Customer’s personal data as set out in the Privacy Policy. LGE may update the Privacy Policy from time to time and may use reasonable efforts to bring any significant changes to the Privacy Statement to Customer’s attention.
    2. 8. Customer authorises LGE, at any time and from time to time to process (including but not limited to access, obtain, verify and/or use) any data or information from any source (including but not limited to credit reference, agencies, credit reporting agencies (“CRA”), Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”), any credit bureau and/or the Central Credit Reference Information System (“CCRIS”) and such relevant authorities) for the purposes of evaluating Customer’s credit standing, as LGE deems fit in connection with this application. At the same time, Customer also agrees to give consent to CTOS Data System Sdn Bhd which is LGE’s appointed CRA as define in the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 for the purpose of this application to disclose any such credit information to LGE in order to allow LGE to process Customer’s credit information to determine Customer’s credit standing.
    3. 9. Others
    A. LGE shall maintain the Appliance in accordance to its current maintenance policy. However, if the Appliance is used beyond its intended usage as determined by LGE, then LGE reserves the right to charge Customer for such additional maintenance cost as LGE deems necessary.
    B. For new customer or Careship renewal, LGE shall be entitled to increase the yearly Outright Service Package Fee in order to take into account any increase in the operation cost of LGE, in respect of the Appliance including but not limited to any increase in the cost of labour, material and transport. However, Customer who has purchased the Outright Service Package shall not be asked to pay any additional charges during the existing Outright Service Package period.
    C. During routine service and upon discovery of a defective component (not caused by the customer’s misuse or failure to comply with the user specification) LGE has full discretion to replace the defective component. All defective, exchanged or replaced component shall be the property of LGE.
    D. Any changes or amendments to the Customer’s personal details (address, telephone, etc.) must be informed to LGE as soon as possible. LGE will not be responsible for problems due to Customer’s failure to comply.
    E. Customer shall not transfer the Outright Service Package to another individual or Company without any prior notice to LGE and first obtaining LGE’s written consent.
    F. In case of dispute, the management of LGE reserves the right to make the final decision.
    G. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, LGE shall not be liable to any person (whether Customer or any third party) for any loss or damage arising from the performance of the Services. This shall include, but shall not be limited to:
    (i)   Any loss or damage to property including any pre-existing faults or damage to Customer’s property which LGE discovers while providing the Services. LGE shall not be responsible for the cost of repairing any such pre-existing faults or damage; and
    (ii)  Any death or personal injury, which are not caused by LGE’s negligence or willful misconduct.
    H. LGE shall have no liability to any person (whether Customer or a third party) for any indirect, general, special, punitive, incidental, contingent or consequential damages, loss of income or profit howsoever arising, whether in contract or in tort (including negligence), even if LGE has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
    I. Customer shall ensure that an adult (someone who is at least eighteen (18) years of age) is present at the Location while the Personnel performs the Services. The Customer shall keep children and all pets away from the service site to ensure that they do not interfere, impede or sustain injuries during the Services.
    J. LGE will proceed with the immediate disposal of any Products collected by LGE pursuant to a Product return request by Customer. LGE is unable to entertain any request(s) by Customer for LGE to return any such Products to Customer, should Customer change his or her mind regarding Customer’s decision to return the Products to LGE.
    K. All other related terms and conditions are outlined in the product user manual and at www.lge.com/my shall apply.
    L. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.
    M. Customer shall contact LGE Careline at 1800 18 7874 or visit the https://www.lg.com/my/support/email for further assistance in relation to the services of the Appliance.
    N. LGE reserves the right to change any terms herein from time to time without prior notice.